How to market a Blog

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Last week, we launched our first blog which was a challenge in itself. This week,¬†the challenge is how do we market our blog so that people know about us. We would love to talk to you, but first you have to know about us! It is the Monday morning million dollar question! I just registered with several directory sites including technorati. Any suggestions? Computer Divas we are not ūüôā




I am so excited about writing our first blog! You might ask, why exactly are we blogging? Well, we think it’s a great way to meet our customers,¬†make¬†new friends¬†and get to know who is visiting our website. We also thought it would be great fun to share ideas and conversation.

This is what I’d like¬†to know…What do you find inspiring? Is there anything you’d like to learn or talk about? What are you struggles?

As a designer, do you have any tips or suggestions you’d like to share – two heads are better than one!

As a homeowner, are there any questions that you would like to ask?

We are going to start posting thoughts and articles, but this is really about you! Check in often and see what’s new. Grab a cup of tea, explore, talk to us, and let’s have some fun!

Are you a Decorating Diva?

Let me be¬†be honest,¬†we first picked the name Decorating Diva’s Dish for our blog because we love to talk about decorating and thought it was a cool name! We figured that if¬†you love decorating¬†as much as we do, you are probably a Decorating Diva too!¬†But, what exactly is a Decorating Diva? Do you have to be rich and famous to call yourself one? Well, today I did a little research on the words and¬†I can now confirm to you that all of us are¬†most definitley Decorating Diva’s. I looked up the words in the dictionary (you’d think I didn’t have any work piled on my desk!) and this is what I discovered…

Decorate : to Beautify

Divas: from Latin, feminine of divus divine; goddess

Dish: to disclose or discuss especially publicly <dish the dirt>

This is my thought process…¬†I¬†believe that anyone who visits¬†us¬†loves¬†to beautify¬†their home. And truly, are¬†we all not really divine; each¬†in our own way? Finally, of course we are on a blog talking publicly; so the dish thing¬†certainly is¬†true!¬†I¬†believe we all¬† are¬† Decorating Divas at heart- so let’s dish! That’s my story¬†and I’m sticking to it.

PS.¬†For any guys out there, if you don’t like to be called a Diva – ¬†we’ll just call you warriors ūüôā