Are you a Decorating Diva?

Let me be be honest, we first picked the name Decorating Diva’s Dish for our blog because we love to talk about decorating and thought it was a cool name! We figured that if you love decorating as much as we do, you are probably a Decorating Diva too! But, what exactly is a Decorating Diva? Do you have to be rich and famous to call yourself one? Well, today I did a little research on the words and I can now confirm to you that all of us are most definitley Decorating Diva’s. I looked up the words in the dictionary (you’d think I didn’t have any work piled on my desk!) and this is what I discovered…

Decorate : to Beautify

Divas: from Latin, feminine of divus divine; goddess

Dish: to disclose or discuss especially publicly <dish the dirt>

This is my thought process… I believe that anyone who visits us loves to beautify their home. And truly, are we all not really divine; each in our own way? Finally, of course we are on a blog talking publicly; so the dish thing certainly is true! I believe we all  are  Decorating Divas at heart- so let’s dish! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

PS. For any guys out there, if you don’t like to be called a Diva –  we’ll just call you warriors 🙂


2 thoughts on “Are you a Decorating Diva?

  1. Yes – so much so that my girlfriends and I were about to start a blog called ‘dish on design’ but talk about restaurants too…ha ha so I found you. I am a designer and painter, and am having an opening on Thursday July 9th 2009 at the PN Hoffman Union Row on U and 14th in DC. This will have much of my new work for sale, which is very ‘fab interior friendly’. My work is about freedom, femininity, and the pursuit of beauty and my latest show is called ‘Urban Beauty’.


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