Ask Jayne and Amy


Do you have a design dilema? Stressed out over a nightmare project? Maybe you just want to say hello! Whatever the case, tell us what’s on your mind and we’ll check in with you at least a couple times a week! Who knows, maybe we can help. Let’s talk!


4 thoughts on “Ask Jayne and Amy

  1. Hey gals! Love your blog. Just wanted to introduce myself and my new line of interchangeable serving pieces. Thought you might have some interest. Let me know if you’d like me to share my story for one of your blogs. My line was born of a need to streamline and simplify the entertaining process for busy moms/women. (even a few men buy too)

    Let me know!!!

    Thanks so much


  2. Hi Nora! I love your website and your products. I think what makes a home special are the little things we do! People tend to over look the accessories, especially when on a tight budget, but it’s the accessories that complete the personality of a home. The same principle applies to entertaining. If you are going to serve a martini – go the extra step and use a really cool glass and decorative ring around the rim. If you are going to serve brunch on a plate- why not put one of Nora’s mini butterflies on the rim…very cool! If you have a story to share, e-mail it to me at – we’ll take a look at it! Sharing is always good!

  3. Do you have any sample layouts to get ideas from regarding hanging art? My desire is to utilize a large, high wall over my fireplace to show off my G. Harvey prints along with some other wall accessories. I have no idea how to lay these out. I keep envisioning grand European homes that have these types of displays.

    Can you helP?

  4. Hi Dana,

    We can help! I need to do a new article anyway, so I’ll write one on hanging pictures and include some visuals wth it! I love G. Harvey by the way- it should turn out to be quite beautiful! Check back tomorrow and see what I post! One thing to do in the meantime, is to go through some design magazines and get some inspiration from there. You might just find one that has the look to inspire you. More tomorrow! By the way, if you have a picture of your fireplace that you can e-mail to me at I can use that to give you even more help! Have a great day!

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