How to market a Blog

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Last week, we launched our first blog which was a challenge in itself. This week, the challenge is how do we market our blog so that people know about us. We would love to talk to you, but first you have to know about us! It is the Monday morning million dollar question! I just registered with several directory sites including technorati. Any suggestions? Computer Divas we are not 🙂


4 thoughts on “How to market a Blog

  1. Thanks Ed, now a question from a blog newbie, what do I do to make sure that the blog is searchable to search spiders? I have put tag words in my blog description to blog registries, what else should I be doing to make me more visible to the search spiders?

  2. Hey assistant product group! I just wanted you lovely ladies to know that my wife bought the decorating assistant and she absolutly loves it!! We couldnt of asked for more!

  3. Hi Mike!

    I’m so glad she loves it! It’s always nice to hear back from our customers! If you guys haven’t seen our free downloads on our website, you visit and by clicking on “free downloads” you’ll find that you can print additional grid paper and use budget forms that automatically tabulate your purchases if you have excel. Thanks again for your feedback, and if you are working a project and want to send us a picture of it in progress or when complete – we’d love to post it! Have a great day!

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