Finding Inspiration – The first step in a successful Decorating Project


When embarking on a decorating project, I think that finding a source of inspiration for your room is one of the most important things to can do. An inspiration picture or object can be a guide to decision making throught a project and can help you to re-focus when decisions become difficult

So where do you find inspiration? Start by looking around you. You may own a beloved painting that you want to include in the room or have bought a pillow that you can’t live without. If after looking around, you are still baffled, take time to look through magazines and even pictures on the internet. Collect photos of rooms and items that catch your attention. At this point, don’t  put too much thought into this exercise, as thinking too much at this point can block the creative process.

Once you have an assortment of pictures, go through them and pick out your favorites. Finally, select one or two that uses the colors you love, has the “feel” that you’d like to create, or even a specific look that you want to copy.

Your inspiration photo or item should be a personal guide throughout the project. Carry it with you, as you can refer back to it when shopping and  even show it to sales people when looking for guidance or something in particular.

I’ve found inspiraton in a framed postcard and even a favorite vase. Where have you found yours?


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