Your Entrance – Make it Count!







We all know how important a first impression is when we first meet someone, the same concept applies for the entrance of you home!  When visiting a home for the first time, the entry way is where we initially get a glimpse into the personality of that home.

Imagine walking into your home for the first time. What do you notice first? Is there a strong focal point? A focal point can be a calming fountain or a beautiful floral arrangement. Maybe it’s a favorite painting, shimmering chandelier, or grouping of family pictures in antique frames. Whatever you choose as your focal point, it should something that is in tune with your personality and style. Whether your about understated elegance or whimisical suprises; you can offer your guest an insight into what makes this house the place you call home.

Even if you don’t have a defined or formal entry way, it’s possible to create the feel of one by creating an intimate space upon entry that could include an interesting table with a beautiful dimly lit lamp, a beveled mirror on the wall and a grouping of scented candles.If using a rug at the entrance consider using a larger one or even a runner to tie the room together. One large rug is always better than several small and an area rug can be a great final touch to pull the area together.

Creat an an impression that lasts long after your guests leave and don’t be afraid to put your own personality into it – after all that’s what ultimately make your house a home!