The “Joy-of Living” Rooms






My favorite quote about livings room is by Lucy Abbot Throop. She  says, “I like to think of the word “living rooms” as being short for the “Joy-of-Living” rooms. I couldn’t agree more. A living room should be full of life, happiness and beauty. Out is our grandparents living rooms with furniture covered in plastic and In are rooms that we actually live and love in! Many homes now have both a living room and a family room. As a result, we tend to “live” in the family room and ignore the living room. Why not change your thinking and make it a room that you really want to spend time in? If your living room is an area that is rarely used, it might be the  perfect place to create a special niche for you to read, drink a cup of tea and unwind.  We all need a place we can call our own. If you entertain a lot, create cocktail room that is perfect for martinis and after dinner conversation. Use your imagination!  If your living room is the forgotten room in your house, I challenge you to explore the possibilities and to create a space that will have fond memories for you, your family, or those who visit. 


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