Designing a Home Office





Planning a home office?  By asking  yourself a couple of  quick questions before you begin, you can save yourself a lot of time and aggravation. Take a moment to evaluate every way you will use the space which could be for business operations, home management, school work and studying; perhaps even as a private space just for you. Is this room going to be used by multiple people for different reasons? Do you need a computer, cable connections, telephone outlet, electric, etc… and can you plan around the existing location of each without  having to relocate an outlet? Do you want to sit looking out the window or do you prefer facing the door to view what’s going on inside your home? Also consider what visitors will see when entering the room. is it possible to hide the wires to electronic connections? Draw your floor plan first and try out several furniture layouts. Visualize yourself sitting in each layout and which one would be more comfortable and efficient. When dealing with electronics – it’s much easier to plan ahead, than to connect all those wires and change your mind. Tip: When moving a computer and equipment, before removing a plug, place a piece of masking tape on each end of the connection and label them the same (such as “A”) so that you know exactly where to reconnect it after moving. The next connection you can call “B, and so on!

Once you have the basic layout of the room, then you can work on beauty and function! Lighting is always important. Of course an overhead room light is important, but just as important is a task light over your work area. By adding some special lighting such as a fragrant candle, or an accent light for a plant you’ll create a space you enjoy spending time in. When accessorizing, use pictures and items that both inspire and embrace you! My favorite thing in my home office is quote by Mark Twain that is painted across the walls. It continues to remind me of my goals and dreams. Make your space meaningful to you and it will be a much more productive place to be!

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