Finding Inspiration in Nature – Blue Skies


Isn’t this the coolest picture? Jayne received it in an e-mail and I just had to incorporate it into today’s blog. Sometimes all you have to do is look around you to find inspiration. We met last week with Natasha Lima Younts (, a top decorator from Miami Beach who recently re-located to Georgia. She has the most gorgeous portfolio, but my favorite thing is her signature blue ceilings. They are simply beautiful, with an understated elegance that is amazing. In fact, I was in a room that she designed and it wasn’t until I looked up that I realized the ceiling was blue. Because it was not an intense or deep shade of blue, it was very peaceful and suprizingly neutral. You definately don’t have to have  a blue color scheme to feature a blue ceiling. She painted her walls a lighter shade of golden yellow which  works well with lots of different elements and accent colors. I love that color as well and used a slightly deeper shade of it in my last two homes- Shades of yellow are one of the new “neutrals”  that are growing in popularity.

 If you decide to try a ceiling inspired by nature (I definately intend to!), here are some tips:

  • Use a crown molding around the room to frame and separate the ceiling from the walls.

  • Opt for a “happy” (but subtle) shade of blue. If you choose a blue that has too much grey, it could feel like a cloudy day. Personally, I prefer brighter days! A subtle, soft, muted shade of blue with a hint of grey or even a tinge of green is perfect.

  • Choose a matte finish when buying your paint for a smooth and soft appearance.

Nature can be a source of so much inspiration and it’s everywhere you look. From pebbles on the beach to the blue skies above. Take a moment and really look around you; you just might be suprised at what inspires you!