Thanksgiving Thoughts and Simple Centerpieces


I replied to an e-mail from a professional organizer today and told her to breath; enjoy her kids while they were small because time flies. You can never get yesterday back. As I pushed send, I realized that I really need to take my own advice. So, I’m taking a break (and a breath) and writing this post.

I really do have a choice. I can stress about my shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner, finding time to clean my house, and finishing work deadlines or I can be thankful the fact that I have deadlines at work and am sitting here working with my best friend from grade school and following our dreams together. I can be thankful that my family will be together on Thursday for the first time in money months. I could go on and on. The point is, that the best part about taking a breath is you take the time to appreciate your life right now and realize that all things considered and inspite of struggles and hardhships; how truly blessed you are.

My mother told me on the day that I got married, to remember that when you die, people will not remember you for how clean your house was, but for the time that you spent with them. I think she is very wise.

So my advice to all of us is to take a breath (often). Look around you. Lets be thankful for the little things we take for granted every day. Don’t let stress and “to do lists” deprive us of the things that are really important; making sure to enjoy the opportunity that Thanksgiving presents – a time to be with family, friends and loved ones.

Here are some beautiful (and easy) centerpieces made from things you may already have or can find outside. Who says fabulous can’t be easy and inexpensive?


A simple platter or tray with colorful leaves and vines, top with assorted candles of different widths and heights for a quick and interesting centerpiece. From


Line a large tray with multiple pumpkins, gourds, pine cones and leaves. Tuck in some cut flowers and add your favorite candle sticks for a beautiful and stunning arrangement. From


Fill a simple vase with branches of colorful leaves, berries, or pinecones for a simple yet elegant effect. From


A glass bowl, water, cranberries and floating candles. From

Have wonderful Thanksgiving from our families to yours!



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