What is Interior Decorating?


 I was researching the word decorating for a project I’m working on today and realized that there are many definitions for Decorating which all say in so many words, something like Interior Decoration is the art of making a space beautiful and placing  furniture in a way that functions well within that space, blah, blah, blah.  And while that is all said and true, what occured to me is that Interior is so much more. So, of course I had to write my own definition. Here it is…

“Interior Decorating is the endeavor of creating and implementing a plan to make a house into a home. It’s the art of creating a home that is functional, beautiful and filled with things that you love; ultimately, it’s about creating a haven that embraces you, your lifestyle, and your spirit.”

What do you think? One of my most read articles is Making a House a Home (you can find it in our Design Tips and Advice category). I’d love to hear if you agree with my definition or have one of your own! Happy Decorating!



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