Simple Valentine Day Ideas for ‘I love You’ Memories


Today I realized that Valentines Day is but 2 days away and I’m wondering what to do to make it a special day for the one’s that I love. It occurs to me, that making my family feel special doesn’t have to take alot of time or require a trip to the mall. The reality, is that my most memorable Valentine Day gifts weren’t a dozen red roses, but handmade gifts from my children or unexpected surprises. Those are the gifts I remember the best. So… in the spirit of creating memories, here are my simple, but from the heart Valentine suggestions, for the one’s you love.

  • Tuck a brief hand written love note into a briefcase, backpack. purse or lunchbag. Title it 5 Reasons Why I Love You and tell your someone special specifically what makes them special to you.
  • Surprise your family with dinner; complete with candles, a table cloth and your best china.  Side note: If you typically have problems getting home in time for dinner (like I do, lately) surprise them and actually BE there on time for a change.
  • Pick up some sugar cookie dough, cut it into heart shapes, bake and have a family decorating party complete with icing, sprinkles and sprinkles. Or, do the same thing with ice cream and make your own sundaes. The point here, is to do something other than the same old thing and create some special memories.
  • Send an e-mail  or text message to loved ones with hugs and kisses. xoxoxo

PS. Don’t forget about YOU! Buy yourself a scented candle, a special journal, or Oprah’s new book club selection -something to nourish your soul. After all, you’re very special too!

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