Quick fix for a bathroom with old Pink Tile and Teal Accents

Everytime I walked upstairs, I had to pass my daughters bathroom with light pink 80’s tile and teal accents around the tub. It slowly was driving me nuts. Last weekend, I jumped in and did some quick and inexpensive updates. In the perfect world, I would rip out the tile, buy new cabinets, etc., but the reality is…  a few inexpensive updates – haha! It’s decorating on a budget for this room.

I decided to go with a color pallete of light pink (imagine that!), cream and black with chrome accents. Notice I left the teal out. The teal tile was around the tub/shower area which already had glass doors and I decided to find a way to hide the teal tiles. There are some great products on the market to paint tile, but I wanted to keep this project to a miminum and opted not to do that. The cabinets were older, brown and scratched; since she wanted a more modern feel, I did decide to paint them black. 

When choosing paint for a room that has a existing color that you don’t like, sometimes you want to go in a different direction. In this case, I embraced the pink and matched the wall color to it. It’s a light enough color that it really becomes a neurtal back drop for everything else.

I decided that the room had a lot of hard items and wanted to add some warmth and softness, so even though I have glass shower doors, I added draperies to either side with a chrome rod and clip rings and very inexpensive walmart linen drapery panels. Not only did it hide the teal down the side of the shower, but the added height had a modern touch and really added some character.


 I had chrome faucets, but awful gold hardware everywhere else, so I picked up some chrome door handles and brushed aluminum switch plates – both are inexpensive items that can make a huge difference. I also added a couple of towel rings and wall hooks in chrome with plastic glass ball accents which added some nice detail and sparkle.


Next I went to my daughters room and borrowed three black decorative boxes to set at the foot of the tub, a black candle base with creme candle, and a black picture frame. I had a silver tray that I grouped all of her perfume and set it along with the candle on the back of the toilet. Grouping are always a great way to organize similar items and to avoid the look of clutter. I had a long creme bath rug, and for now that will work – although I do prefer a nice area rug.   


My final touch the addition of two fashion drawings that I found at hobby lobby. They had an abstract background with  mixed shades of pink and bold black drawings of a gloves on one and a hat on the other. They pulled everything together perfectly. The whole project was less than $150.00, which isn’t bad for a fresh new look and a happy daughter. They do say you are only as happy as your unhappiest child. Think about that one. That’s a blog in itself!






6 thoughts on “Quick fix for a bathroom with old Pink Tile and Teal Accents

  1. I’m glad you liked it! If you try it in your bathroom, you’ll have to send me pictures and I’ll be sure to post them. A friend of mine has 1950’s Pink and Blue tiles. She went with a primarily blue and brown theme with pink accents and she really liked it. I haven’t seen it yet, when I do, I’ll try to get some pictures of hers as well 🙂

    Have a great day!

  2. Black and white make a very classy combination. You made the right color choice for the paint as well. Sometimes drawing from the disliked color and splashing it around the room can help to actually mute the color. Your eye no longer focuses on the “bad” anymore. Great job! And I’ve saved a copy of your first image in my digital scrapbook (personal use). Thanks!

    • This bathroom is gorgeous. Can you please tell me the name of the color paint you used as well as the brand. I too have a bathroom with pink floor tiles and need to update my bathroom. Thank you for posting this.

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  4. I had old tile …. cream color with gold flecks….from the 60’s? 70’s? Ugly.
    To save money … I decided to prime over the tiles, then use a thick paste of plaster of paris…. with a different tools, and glove covered fingers ….made each tile look like textured ceramic tiles….like handmade tiles. Then, when they dried thoroughly, chose a sandstone paint….mine was sand color…from Lowes and painted each tile. They look fabulous!!! The tile looks like it came from a hot fire kiln in the middle of the desert. Love it!!! Changed the entire feel of this little bathroom.

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