My Dining Room Makeover – Part II


Yesterday I wrote about the history of my dining room, my thoughts going into the makeover, the items that I’m using for inspiration, and some of the colors and materials. Here’s a quick update with pictures, including the recently adopted, broken tailed dog that now sports a beautiful brown, tinted gold fur coat.

I’ll post in a few weeks more about decorating styles, but my dining room is not so much about a particular style, as it is the atmosphere that I want to create. As in most homes, my dining room is rarely used, in fact it probably would be more practical to use it as a library/office. But the reality is that any more, the only time my family is all together is during a holiday for a good meal. Cooking is not my favorite thing to do, but when the kids are in town and grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are coming over – I really do like to cook. I like to get out my grandma’s china, put the leaves into my dining room table, and have everyone suffocate me in my kitchen. For that reason, my dining room will never be an office. And it’s for that reason that instead of going with a particular style, I’m more interested in creating a warm happy room with things that I love.

 Things like my grandma’s china.

                                                                                               And this porcelain carriage a beloved aunt bought me years ago when scouring a vintage market.

Here’s what’s new…the ceiling is painted and the lower part of the walls are as well. This picture shows a hint of both. You can also see a little of the furniture that will go into the room.


The color below the chair rail is Behr’s Gold Buff and the Ceiling is Valspar’s/Martha Stewart’s Vintage Map

And here’s a close up of the textured painted wallcovering.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Sami, our newly adopted dog who has a broken tail, could not stand to have the paint brush get more attention than her. When she tried to crawl on my lap when painting the lower part of the wall, I said in a panic -“NO!”. Of course she then rolled over, sliding down my newly painted wall which now has not only a fabulous floral raised print, but lot’s of dark fur buried hopelessly into the paint. Sami of course now has a rich golden hue to her normally brown long hair coat. Fortunately, she has paws to match as she stepped into the paint when she left the room. Lucky for her, she’s already successfully embedded herself into my heart. I’d show you a picture of the paint on her, but she won’t quit rolling over.

 Hopefully, next time I post, I will have found carpet, chandelier, draperies, and a picture! 


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