Great Suggestion for Neutral Bedding – Update to Working around a Forest Green Carpet


Martha Stewart Greenhouse Pattern

Patricia posted yesterday that she liked the color combinations that had we put together for Patti a few months back for a room with an existing forest green carpet that she couldn’t afford to replace. Patricia also has a forest green carpet and had originally pulled it together with a waverly comforter that matched a green ivy pattern in her bathroom. She’s ready for a new look and loved the color pallette that we created for Patti.

Patricia had mentioned that she was considering using Martha Stewarts Greenhouse pattern and when I googled it, I found that it’s a fabulous choice and even better – it has an amazing price tag. It’s a 24 piece set that includes everything from sheets to draperies and includes two decorative pillows. I really like the mix of texture and pattern that is used within the set. It will do a good job of pulling together Patricias white walls and the neutral colors that she prefers. The orginal price at Macy’s is $500.00, but a queen set is marked down to $150.00. For all you macy lovers out there, I know you can find a great coupon to get it even lower!

This set would work for any bedroom and for anyone fighting a carpet that they don’t like – it’s an easy inexpensive way to tone down the carpet and get a great look on a tight budget. Add accessories in lighter or darker shades of the carpet or pick shades of a complimentary color and instantly, you’ll have a fresh new look.

I’m hoping that Patti and Patricia will send us pictures when they are done! It would be fun to see! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Patricia – you found a great deal!

Pouf! It’s a Large Round Ottoman (Thanks, Bill)

poufExquisite Designs

I had no sooner posted my reply to Tamara (see below) , who asked…”what is the “official” name for a large round ottoman/bench that is often used in a dressing room or large bathroom?”, when I got a loving e-mail from my very dear friend Bill Rice (WNR Design) – a wonderfully talented designer in Atlanta. Bill and I became close friends as design students at FIT in NYC in the early 80’s, although it does seem that it’s always me to pick up the phone to keep in touch 🙂 (Okay, truth be told, I’m horrible about picking up the phone, but lucky in that he loves me enough to call me anyway!)

Bill’s e-mail ever so charmingly suggested that perhaps I was recovering from an evening at Studio 54 or the Pub at Columbia University and had missed that class. I have absolutely no idea what he is talking about (haha!), but I assure you that he was quick to refresh my memory! I must have missed those cliff notes, as he smuggly explained that the Designer’s name for a large round ottoman is a Pouf.  

pouf (poof)

1. A woman’s hairstyle popular in the 18th century, characterized by high rolled puffs.
2. A part of a garment, such as a dress, that is gathered into a puff.
3. A rounded ottoman.


Although the dictionary says a pouf is a large round ottoman, you’ll find when googling it, that the design world loosely applies the name to ottomans of many shapes and sizes – even those with a small back.

So there it is Tamara… courtesy of my friend Bill, the “official” word is Pouf!  Maybe we can get him to come visit as a guest blogger. He always has something to say! Love you Bill! xoxox

Here are some Poufs that I found.




ff4e3e004cd71b10003151544ff68377-orig  Design Spotter


brownbeige2sAuthentic Morocco