Pouf! It’s a Large Round Ottoman (Thanks, Bill)

poufExquisite Designs

I had no sooner posted my reply to Tamara (see below) , who asked…”what is the “official” name for a large round ottoman/bench that is often used in a dressing room or large bathroom?”, when I got a loving e-mail from my very dear friend Bill Rice (WNR Design) – a wonderfully talented designer in Atlanta. Bill and I became close friends as design students at FIT in NYC in the early 80’s, although it does seem that it’s always me to pick up the phone to keep in touch 🙂 (Okay, truth be told, I’m horrible about picking up the phone, but lucky in that he loves me enough to call me anyway!)

Bill’s e-mail ever so charmingly suggested that perhaps I was recovering from an evening at Studio 54 or the Pub at Columbia University and had missed that class. I have absolutely no idea what he is talking about (haha!), but I assure you that he was quick to refresh my memory! I must have missed those cliff notes, as he smuggly explained that the Designer’s name for a large round ottoman is a Pouf.  

pouf (poof)

1. A woman’s hairstyle popular in the 18th century, characterized by high rolled puffs.
2. A part of a garment, such as a dress, that is gathered into a puff.
3. A rounded ottoman.


Although the dictionary says a pouf is a large round ottoman, you’ll find when googling it, that the design world loosely applies the name to ottomans of many shapes and sizes – even those with a small back.

So there it is Tamara… courtesy of my friend Bill, the “official” word is Pouf!  Maybe we can get him to come visit as a guest blogger. He always has something to say! Love you Bill! xoxox

Here are some Poufs that I found.

 mushroom  Retrotogo.com



ff4e3e004cd71b10003151544ff68377-orig  Design Spotter


brownbeige2sAuthentic Morocco




One thought on “Pouf! It’s a Large Round Ottoman (Thanks, Bill)

  1. Excellent reply to Tamara. My boyfriend one of these in his den, and we were discussing what the official name might be. Growing up we knew these seats as “poufs” but I always thought it was a name my parents invented. Thank you for the clarification.

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