Great Suggestion for Neutral Bedding – Update to Working around a Forest Green Carpet


Martha Stewart Greenhouse Pattern

Patricia posted yesterday that she liked the color combinations that had we put together for Patti a few months back for a room with an existing forest green carpet that she couldn’t afford to replace. Patricia also has a forest green carpet and had originally pulled it together with a waverly comforter that matched a green ivy pattern in her bathroom. She’s ready for a new look and loved the color pallette that we created for Patti.

Patricia had mentioned that she was considering using Martha Stewarts Greenhouse pattern and when I googled it, I found that it’s a fabulous choice and even better – it has an amazing price tag. It’s a 24 piece set that includes everything from sheets to draperies and includes two decorative pillows. I really like the mix of texture and pattern that is used within the set. It will do a good job of pulling together Patricias white walls and the neutral colors that she prefers. The orginal price at Macy’s is $500.00, but a queen set is marked down to $150.00. For all you macy lovers out there, I know you can find a great coupon to get it even lower!

This set would work for any bedroom and for anyone fighting a carpet that they don’t like – it’s an easy inexpensive way to tone down the carpet and get a great look on a tight budget. Add accessories in lighter or darker shades of the carpet or pick shades of a complimentary color and instantly, you’ll have a fresh new look.

I’m hoping that Patti and Patricia will send us pictures when they are done! It would be fun to see! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Patricia – you found a great deal!


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