Beautiful Walls on a Budget!


My daughter e-mailed me a link last night to a site with really beautiful and unique wall decals and re-stick art-I just had to share. Thanks Ashley! What I am so impressed with (besides the beautiful oversized graphics) is that in most cases you can customize the colors. Best of all is that they are sooooo affordable! Prices range from around $25.00 – $55.00. It was hard to pick a few to share with you! Check these out…










This could go anywhere. I’m thinking it would be great in a bedroom, living room or even an empty bathroom wall. By the way, this is probably where my dog is right now as I type from the office – on my bed!












I love the scale of some of the graphics and this purple is definately a trend for 2009!














Isn’t this Great for a Powder room or Bedroom?













 How about this for a teenager’s room, play room and even a kitchen?













 Isn’t this fun for a family room or game room?













 For Card lovers….













And that favorite little tyke…




Have fun and check them all at I think you’ll find it hard to find a favorite – I loved them all!


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