Ask Amy: Combination Guest Bedroom and Nursery


A Nursery that Doubles Perfectly as a Guest Room


Photo from OhDeeDoh 

Chrissy lives in a 2 bedroom house and is expecting their first child – congratulations Chrissy! She’s wondering if they can keep the queen bed in the nursery for guests! I say absolutely! Especially when the baby is young. As he or she grows, you may want to change the queen size for a small sleeper sofa or futon, but for now, I think it can work perfectly for guests coming to see the new baby and to help you out! 

So what do you have to have in the room? My three essentials are a crib, rocking chair and storage. A small chest of drawers would be nice for storage of clothing, diapers, etc., but the closet will suffice if you can’t fit it into the space. You want to avoid being cramped. Less is definately more! A changing table can be overated – you can use a foldout padded vinyl mat on top of the bed or crib.  If you have space for a small chest of drawers it may possibly double as a changing table if you think it’s necessary, but always put safety first. 

If you don’t  have space for a chest of drawers, try a small end table next to the bed or rocker with drawers to store diapers and changing products. The thing is to look for items  that are multi purpose. Shelving can hold photo frames and treasured items, but can also hold adorable storage boxes with items that you need to access. 

Don’t forget under the bed. You can get inexpensive storage boxes for clothing that the baby needs to grow into. In fact, you might even want to raise the bed with bed raisers which will give you more under the bed storage. A bonus is you’ll give your back a break if it’s doing double duty as a changing area. One word of advice…pay the extra $10.00 for wood one’s. I bought my daughter the plastic variety for the queen bed in her new apartment and they lasted until her 6′ 6  boyfriend sat on the corner. The bed busted right through them, haha!  Welcome to the new apartment Mike! Luckily, no one was hurt, but it’s not worth the risk. 

Here’s a few photo’s for inspiration that I found around the web. I didn’t find many with a guest bed, suprisingly just the one above and the one below, but I’ve included a few storage ideas I thought could work for you as well… 


Probably bigger than Chrissy's but another multi purpose room


All Photos below from HGTV 


Store Items in stacking baskets that are seasonal or for the future 


Look for unique pieces that are taller rather than widewww.bhg.comBaskets on wall book shelves can store items you need quick access to such as diapers & wipes



Baskets can provide storage on wall or bookcase shelving

Baskets can provide storage on wall or bookcase shelving 

Pottery Barn has a ton of storage ideas
Pottery Barn has a ton of storage ideas 

Good Luck Chrissy and let us know how it turns out 🙂

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