Designer Quote by Billy Baldwin


Billy Baldwin (1903-1983)

Billy Baldwin (1903-1983)

“Decorators should never insist on throwing out everything the client has. Even when they are far from perfect, loved possessions add personality.”  Billy Baldwin
I love quotes. It just seems to me, that quotes are full of such wisdom; inspiration that for some it took a lifetime to find. This quote from Billy Bladwin caught my eye today and is as timeless as ever. It’s actually a great quote to ponder as we all battle this difficult economy.  
A good designer will take the time to find out what is precious to you. They’ll come to understand what you love, how you live, and use this knowledge to make your house a home. It’s not about buying everything new. It’s not about creasting a showcase. In fact, a good designer knows that it’s not about them, but truly about you. It’s something to remember when starting a DIY project. It’s always nice to have something fresh and new, but sometimes hanging onto to pieces of the old reminds us of who we are and provides warmth when we most need it. 



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