Inspiration Board for a Chocolate and Green Bedroom

Inspiration board for Mark

Note: Double click image to enlarge

I was at a graduation party this past weekend and ran into a good  high school friend of ours – Mark aka “Wooley”.  The recreational area where the party was held had a really nice red accent wall and Mark said he was thinking about using that shade in his master bedroom. He asked what my opinion was and since I shamefully had not been to see his new home (which he has had for a year!) I offered to stop by on Sunday and take a look.  I should add that I’ve heard Sunday’s in the summer at Mark’s include cocktails poolside, so it was not a hard sell!
Although I loved the red that he was considering, I felt that it blended too well with his furniture and suggested that he went with something that enhancedthe wood, rather than compete with it. His furniture consisted of a rich cherry sled style bed, large armoire and dresser. Additionally, he had splurged and purchased a really beautiful deep chocolate Hotel Collection bedding set that had a tailored black stripe as accent … nice job Mark 🙂
As I thumbed through a paint deck, my initial thought was to go with a blue/chocolate scheme, but Mark is a  bachelor and I was afraid the blue would go more feminine than masculine. I also should add that he is a bit obsessed with golf and once I saw the green, it  just seemed like a natural choice! I chose Sherwin Williams Rural Green and created the inspirational board pictured above. He also has the option of adding a little splash of orange down the line, which I think he would like as well.
The inspiration board is about clean lines, fresh accents and a peacefull elements for relaxing and romance – Mark should like that last one! What do you think?
Oh, and typically, I would list where everything is from, but that’s easy today…it’s all from Z-Gallery. Hmmm…do you think I like that store? And best of all there’s a 20% off accessories sale going on right now – gotta love that!

2 thoughts on “Inspiration Board for a Chocolate and Green Bedroom

  1. My first visit to your blog and I am in love with the masculine room…Can’t wait to see the finished project.

    Agree that blue and brown can go a smidge feminine. But green makes this brown fantastic. And what a beautiful inspiration board! I also really like that you show art. I can never create an inspiration board without it!

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