Thursday’s Quick Tip: De-Cluttering your Counters

a great way to get clutter off your counter

Getting clutter off your counter

Clutter is an evil thing…All of us strive to get rid of it all, but sometime the stuff we have on our counters are things we like to have at our fingertips and often don’t have the cabinet space to store it. The thing is, when assorted items are on your countertop, it not only looks messy; it’s difficult to clean around them.

A friend of mine has come up with a perfect solution that she uses in her kitchen and bathrooms. Items that she normally kept grouped on a counter top, she now puts on top of a cake plate. The raised plate gives items a place of their own, looks great and best of all makes cleaning the counter a breeze. I think it’s a brilliant idea. HomeGoods has a great selection of cake plates usually for around $12.00 – 19.00.

Here’s some I found online…

Martha Stewart Plate

Martha Stewart at Macy’s $31.00

Tag from Amazon


Tag from Amazon $26,00

Vintage look Look in the Attic


Vintage from Look in the Attic $38.99

Palm Tree Cake Plate

Tropical theme from Classic Hostess $45.83

Crate and Barrel

Classic Silver from Crate and Barrel $19.95



TIP: Add some glam by purchasing an inexpensive cake plate and using a glue gun; glue a band of  beads to the rim. You can find beads online or at most fabric and craft stores.


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