All About Ceiling Medallions

Close up Medallion

Look up at the ceiling.   

Is there anything special up there? The surface that everyone seems to forget when decorating is the ceiling and my bet is you’re looking at one that’s been forgotten as well. Let’s face it, we give our full attention to selecting the flooring, choosing treatments for the walls and windows, but more often than not, we forget about the ceiling. Oh yes, we choose lovely lighting and hopefully we’ve chosen it for both beauty and function – but what about beyond the lighting?  

There’s endless decor ideas for ceilings such as faux painting, stenciled designs, tin tiles and more; typically, we just don’t think to use them. One of my favorites accents to place a ceiling medallion above a chandelier. Medallions are affordable,  available in all shapes and sizes and can be hung as-is or even better; painted.  

I have a medallion sitting in the corner of my dining room that I’ll post about when I get around to finishing it, but in the meantime I photographed a project that my friend painted one day when I was visiting. Here’s some helpful tips for selecting, painting and hanging a ceiling medallion.  

Selecting a Medallion. Medallions come in all shapes and sizes. Your local home depot or Lowe’s, will  offer a choice of assorted white medallions which be mounted as is or hand painted to match your trim or decor. You can also find medallions in a bronzed finish to match your chandelier. They can range from $18.00 to $200.00 and up. Some are very lightweight and others are heavier. Once hung, you it’s pretty difficult to know if it was inexpensive or not. It’s about choosing the style and finish that is right for you.  

Classic Medallion

You can get a simple classic design like this..



ornate medallion

Or a traditional, ornate style such as this...



Bronze Medallion

Here's a medallion finished in bronze...



Dome Medallion

Another that's dome styled



Giclee Bronze Ceiling Medallion

Giclee bronze medallion



Wrought Iron Medallion

Wrought iron



Above are just a few of the many styles and finishes available. The photo’s are from LampsUSA and additionally, you can  find lots of online sources.  

Once you decide the style you prefer, size is your next concern. Now it’s all about proportion. If you have a larger chandelier, you want a medallion that is big enough to provide balance – too small, and it will look out-of-place. The reverse goes if you have a small chandelier.  You want to select a medallion that is proportional in size – anything too big will over power a smaller light fixture. I’ve been referring to chandeliers, but you can really use medallions with many styles of  lighting fixtures; even ceiling fans.  According to LampsUSA, which is where the medallions above are from, here are some thoughts on sizing:  

Sizing rules of thumb:  

  • A ceiling medallion should be two-thirds the diameter of the chandelier.
  • Larger rooms and higher ceilings can accommodate larger ceiling medallions.
  • For a typical dining room with an 8′ – 9′ ceiling, a medallion that is 18″ – 26″ in diameter will usually work well.
  • 20″ – 28″ ceiling medallions work well with 52″ ceiling fans.

Coming up: Follow along as my friend paints a medallion for her home to complement the chandelier below…  


This Chandelier is going to get a Painted Medallion...


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