Games We Play


I love a good game. I love football games, board games and even a few internet games. Games we play at home are part of the memories we create for the future. Think about it. Chances are some of your best childhood memories involve games. For me, favorite outdoor games were Kick Ball, Ghost in the Grave Yard, Kick the Can, Freeze Tag and Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light STOP!

Indoors, some of my best childhood memories are about playing Monopoly, Trouble, and the Game of Life with family and friends. Do you remember where you were and who you were with when you played your last game of Charades? I’ll bet you two things: you weren’t a child, that you  were actually all grown up and you probably remember a particular phrase a friend acted out that caused everyone to LTAO all night long. That would be laughing their (fill in the blank) off all night long…sorry, keeping up with the texting crowd! But I digress…

Anyway, my point  is that when decorating our homes, we need to plan for the games we play. If you are saying, hmmmmm…. I don’t play any games – then I challenge you to change that. Games are about laughter, friends, family and memories. Games are good for the mind. If you can include them in your home, you’ll be happier for it! Here’s some great ways to incorporate games within your home’s decor and ideas for storage as well.


Place a favorite game on a table between two chairs and always have an on going game with a family member. Good games for this are scrabble, checkers, chinese checkers or chess. You could also set a game on a coffee table and invite guests to do a word for fun. Even better, add a coffee table book about the game with strategies, photo’s, history and more.

Family Feud

Keep DVD’s of games for your TV stored in a drawer of an end or coffee table. Interactive games such as Family Feud, The Price is Right, Deal or No Deal, etc. are great when you have a gathering and can form teams. Break out a game out after a holiday dinner and it will beI promise a lively, memorable time for all ages!

jenga cropped

Have a Jenga game started when kids wake up on a day off from school or when guest come to a party. It’s a great way to start a day or break the ice at a party!

storage ottoman

Love to play Wii? Chances are that someone in your family does! A storage ottoman is a great way to provide extra seating for guests or a place to put up your feet. It’s also perfect to store your game gear. They come in lots of sizes and are perfect as a coffee table, tucked under a sofa table or in front of a fireplace. While you’re at it toss in a blanket for cool winter nights and make sure it’s big enough to a hold a guitar if you have guitar hero!

Well, gotta run…I’ve got an online scrabble game going on with a gradeschool friend. Hey Lori… Game on! xoxoxo


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