Tuesday Tip: Welcome to My Home

Dear Friends

Welcome to my kitchen!

Have you ever noticed some homes are more comfortable than others? Certain homes, although beautiful, have a museum like – hands off mentality. Others seem to embrace you the minute you walk in. So how do you make your home more welcoming?  It all starts with personal touches you can place throughout your home.  Here’s some suggestions…



Entry Way: A chalk board in an entry way is a great way to greet guests! This one is used to give a little history about the house, but it could also be used to say Welcome, Happy Holiday’s or anything that you’d like to greet a guest with!

Dear Family and Friends

Dear family and friends...

The Kitchen: Let’s face it, when you have a party or a gathering with friends, like it or not, they’re going to end up hanging out in your kitchen! It’s a natural gathering place, so why not put a clever note like the one above inviting guests to make themselves comfortable and help themselves to whatever they’d like.

bath 2

Place a personal note in a guest bath

A Guest Bath: I like to make sure that when guest are staying overnight, their bath is stocked not only with towels, but items they may need while visiting. Some of these items are an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hair dryer, disposable razors, hair spray, lotion, tweezers, nail clippers, tampons and deodorant. Leaving a framed note such as the one above let’s them know that anything there is for them to use!

A Guest Bedroom: There’s lots of fun ideas to do for a guest bedroom. My aunt likes to place a framed photo of her and the guest on the bedside table. You could leave a note under the pillow expressing how glad you are that they are visiting and place chocolates on a pillow with the bed turned down as well. An extra pair of reading glasses next to a book is a nice touch and I especially like a book with fun things about the town that you live in as well.

The bottom line is it’s the little personalized touches that make your home a place that feel comfortable for those that visit. It’s those little touches that will bring joy to both you and your guests! xoxox


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