Put your Baskets to Work!

stairstep basket

Step Basket from Ballard Designs


How often do you work around the home and as you get to one room – you think of something that you needed from the room you were just in. Apparently, it happens to lots of us, because somewhere along the line, someone with a two story home was inspired to create a nifty little basket such as the one above just for stairs. This basket is perfect to store household items that need to be carried on your next trip up. Below are a few more baskets that you can use in your daily routine to save you both time and aggravation. 

Room to Room Basket

Carry a Basket from Room to Room


Designate a basket (preferrably with handles) as your room to room basket.  Use it to carry items such as a cell phone, cordless phone, pen, notepad and anything that you need to have with you as you go from room to room. 

travel basket

Home to Car Basket


Take the basket idea a step further and put to work one such as this from the Container Store. Carry it with you every time you go from home, to the car and back to home again. Store it near the door you’ll use as you head to your car and fill it with items that need to be returned for credit, a water bottle, snacks, a shopping list, etc. Baskets are a great way to help you keep your busy life on track. 

Have a great day! xoxox 


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