Ladybugs for Sale!


They say Lady Bugs bring luck!

Did you know you could buy ladybugs? Why would you want to buy lady bugs?…by the thousands, I should add. As in 50,000 or more. Apparently, gardeners in the know, understand that those lucky little bugs take care of all kinds of nasty things in your yard. You can purchase 72,000 of them for $72.00 to cover and protect a 1/2 acre to 2 acres of your yard and garden, which is what a friend of mine in Florida recently did while I was there visiting. It was too cool to not share! Check my photo’s below! Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait till next year to do that here in the midwest!


They arrive in a burlap bag...


Grab a handful or two...


Scatter them throughout your yard


And off they go...

 I have to say it was pretty interesting, although a little ticklish…Go get ’em lady luck!


3 thoughts on “Ladybugs for Sale!

  1. We bought some for our garden a few months ago. They arrived in the mail in a bag and we released. Ladybugs everywhere… it always boggled my mind on why we actually pay for bugs that have wings and can and will fly away. Oh gardening.

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