Inspiration for your Thanksgiving Tabletop

From 100 Layer Cake

Thanksgiving is almost here and I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about decorating your tabletop for Thanksgiving. I have to be honest, I’m in the middle of a bunch of deadlines and am not going to be crafting anything…but that doesn’t mean my table will be sparse! I’m doing it the old fashioned way with the turkey in the middle and candelabras on either side. Food will be my decor…for the first few minutes anyway…haha! I will add that I’m using my grandmother’s china which I love to bring out for the holiday’s. Yes, paper is easier, but China is the green way and it makes my table feel special…someone will help with the dishes…right?

Anyway, I thought I would share some sources of inspiration I found across the internet, starting with one from 100 layer cake. I know, it’s a wedding site… but every wedding has fabulous table settings and they have a beautiful post about one for thanksgiving. Click on the photo’s below for a quick link to more setting and tips.

From 100 Layer Cake

As always, Martha Stewart continues to inspire…

From Martha Stewart

Point Click Home Decor has some great tips from Owner and head designer at Ovando in New York City, Sandra de Ovando.

From Point click Home

 And if you forget the particulars about where the utensils go and who’s protecting who…is the knife protecting the fork from the plate???? Never mind…Emily Post will set us straight!

Proper Basic Place Setting from Emily Post

Really, however you decorate you table…don’t stress the small stuff! Make sure you take a breath and enjoy the day; spending time with those that you love! xoxox

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