Making a List and Checking it Twice

Dolce "helping" to Decorate

 Yep, it’s official…the Holiday’s are almost here. We survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but  if you’re like me, you’re already panicked about how to get everything done. I took my own advice today and sat down and wrote a list.  Actually, I made three lists..five really long lists…one for work, one for personal, one for an organization I belong to, a shopping list, and a holiday grocery list. Yes, I admit, for a second I almost hyper-ventilated as I kept thinking of things to add, but after I finished my lists; I felt much, much better. 

There’s a reason why Santa has written a list and is checking it twice…he’d be in a looney bin if he had to remember it all in his mind.  I took a class based on a book called The Artist Way a few years back and the biggest thing I took away from it was the importance of a journal. We were required to write three pages a day and believe me…that is not always an easy task. I would end each days entry with a list of everything I had to accomplish that day. What I discovered is keeping a journal and list making are the best stress reducers ever! 

Think about it…by writing it down, you get it off of your mind and by having a list of things to do down on paper – you can then begin to form a plan of action! So don’t delay! Start your list today – you can thank me later….ooops…gotta run…I get to cross new blog entry off my list! xoxoxox 

PS. Doesn’t Dolce look as cute as can be? She’s our 10 month old spoiled rotten devil Angel  who’s quietly daring Sami (our other dog) to come and get the stocking in the photo above. You can see it in her eyes and tail. You should have seen what I had to go through to get that stocking back!