Thinking about Haiti

I was going to post about something design related, but just didn’t have it in me today. Haiti is on my mind and while I’m warm and toasty in my cozy pumpkin painted office, I just can’t help but being distracted by the magnitude of suffering in that country right now. What I realized last night when watching the news, is just how much help we as American’s extend to Haitians on a normal day, much less a day such as today and it makes me proud.

Families in my community, just like yours, are frantically waiting to hear from family members that lived and worked over there and others were waiting for news on dear Haitian friends that they have befriended while visiting on missions. It seems everyone knows someone who is connected to Haiti in one way or another. Today I read that because of this wonderful thing called social networking, we have raised literally millions of dollars to help those in need in less than 24 hours and it reminds me how truly blessed we as a country and individuals we truly are. For that I am grateful. xoxox 

Here’s a link from the NY Times with ways that we can help. Click here.


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