Embracing Organization in 2010

Addicted to plastic bins...

 I’ve never been excited about my New Year Resolutions in years past. They usually had something to do with exercise or losing weight  – which I’m still working on and more enthusiastically than in years past I should add, but this year I added something new. One of my resolutions for 2010 is to organize every single aspect of my life one weekend at a time until done. I’m talking about my purse, my home, my office, my car – you name it, it’s getting organized. The goal is to pick a project as small as a drawer or as big as a closet or garage and get it organized.  

Here’s the best part…I am LOVING it. I missed a weekend a week ago  due to an unexpected event and  I actually couldn’t wait until the next weekend came around to get back on track again! Who knew organization could be so fun and feel so good!  

I first got the bug when I cleaned out a closet in my bathroom last year. It turned out so nice and I am still amazed that it still looks the same today. In fact, I went back the other day and cleaned it out even more. For me it has been a  month of finding what works and what doesn’t and this whole organizing thing is definitely a work in progress. I must confess I’m currently addicted to fabric drawers, binders with plastic sheet covers inside and plastic bins of multiple shapes and sizes.  

Anyway, I was thinking…do you want to do this together? I’d love any of your tips and to see what you’re organizing! I’m putting together some of my thoughts to get you started and will then post every week my newest project. Come on and join me! I’m thinking it will be fun!  


2 thoughts on “Embracing Organization in 2010

  1. Yeah but, getting rid of things if very easy for some people, but harder for others. Why keep dealing with these items though each and every time you open up your closet?

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