An Organized Life. The Goals

So it’s been a month since I embarked on this  journey and although at the moment, I don’t really have a set plan, I do have some goals and rules that I am following. I’ve decided that I’ll choose projects as I go and see how it evolves. The truth is I’m not just cleaning our closets. I am cleaning out my life. My hope is that by the end of the year I will have accomplished or be close to accomplishing each goal I list below. Don’t worry, this year I’m still be talking about decorating, in fact I’ll take you along as I tackle some projects in my home, but I do hope you’ll join me as I dish about re-designing my life and surroundings. Below I’ve listed my goals and tomorrow I’ll share my rules. But before I do that, I guess I should come clean…

THE CONFESSION: I think every bad habit needs to be owned before it can be tossed, so here goes…I am not attached to junk, I just don’t make time to get rid of it. I know that everything should be put in it’s place, but I don’t make time to create that place or put it back. They say that a cluttered desk is a sign of creativity – I must be really creative…haha! Does that make me more creative by having a cluttered purse and a cluttered car? I don’t think so. The truth is I think better when I start with a clean desk and a clean space. I am less stressed when my kitchen counters are clear and I eat better when I know what I am going to eat in advance. I actually have an extremely organization mind and have been granted two patents for organizational products (shameless product plug). This year, I am going to put into action the things that I know. I hope you’ll join me!


1. Organize my Surroundings  and KEEP them that way. This includes my purse, car, garage, office, etc. I think that will be the easy part. I imagine that organizing is much like losing weight and eating healthy; it has to become a way of life.

2. Organize my Projects, Bills and Paperwork. I once took a job for a year or two that was so mundane I could clear off my desk at the end of the day and not worry about a thing until I arrived the next day. It was nice for a bit, but it eventually drove me crazy. I need the exitement of creating new things, tackling new projects and taking risks, but there should be a happy medium. I will pay attention to the things I don’t like to do, so I can be successful at what I love to do.

3. Organize my Schedule to Design a Healthy Me. (3 part)

a.) I will take Iron. I am anemic. I’ve needed to take iron for years…I’m thinking I really ought to make time to take that stupid little white pill once a day so I have the energy to get this all done. My teeth will thank me. If you are an ice chewer, get tested for anemia – your teeth will thank you.

b.) I will exercise. I hate it. I just do. I hate to make the time, I hate to sweat, I just don’t like it. My doctor says I have to do it, I guess maybe she might be right. I am going to start with walking in my house (because it’s cold outside) with Leslie Sansone ( on DVD) at least 3 times a week. I will also play wii fit- I do love my wii. My kids bought it for us for Christmas and I need to maintain my first place status in multiple events, but I will branch out to more athletic events instead of just the balancing ones, which are my favorite 🙂

c.) I will eat healthy. I need to prepare food on Sundays…chop, cook, etc…anything that makes it easier during the week. I need to know what I am going to eat tomorrow before I go to bed, so I don’t make bad choices…aka: stuff a lot of pointless things in my mouth that make me fat. I am going to cut out sugar and white flour and lean towards clean eating. It will be a work in progress, but at the end of the day…or hopefully the year…I will be at a healthy weight. I’m not going to lie…I want to fit into my Calvin Kleins. I bought them in the designer department at Macy’s on 34th street in the 80’s. I looked hot in them…at least I thought I did.  They’ve  been to Studio 54, Tavern on the Green, Serendipity and Sunday afternoon breakfast in the village. I just want to be in them one more time.  I’m not going for hot, just in them. Well maybe a little hot…but I digress….till tomorrow…xoxox


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