An Organized Trunk

Trunk Organizer from Stacks n Stacks

 I’m thinking most of my posts, when it comes to organization are going to start with this: A confession. Because really, I could live in this pretend little world and portray that my life is pretty organized, but the point here is to share that if I can do this SO CAN YOU!  


Before I organized my trunk, if I was in my car and stranded in the middle of an Eastern Snow Storm I would have survived for quite a while. Let’s just leave it at that. It was BAD.   

TOOLS: You’ll need…   

  • 1 bag for garbage
  • 1 bag for give-away
  • a box for things to keep
  • Vacuum
  • Lysol and/or freshener
  • Storage container for trunk

WHAT TO DO: This isn’t rocket science and it should only take an hour or so, but once you’re finished, you’ll find yourself looking for a reason to peek inside again because it looks as good as it feels 🙂   

1, Toss garbage in a bag for the next pick up.   

2. Place things you don’t need in a bag to give away – Note: this bag must leave your home, garage or car in 1 week or there’s no point to this.   

3. Place things to keep in a box. Make sure to find a place for everything and put away immediately or you’ll be creating more mess. I’m speaking on the highest authority of experience regarding this one.   

4. Vacuum the carpeting. In fact, shampoo if you need to and add a good spray of Lysol. You could even leave a dryer sheet inside for good measure.  

5. Place a storage container inside your beautiful, fresh new trunk and fill it according to your needs. You don’t have to run and buy a container – you could use a cardboard box. If you decide to purchase a container, it can be as simple as a Clear Storage Bin which you can find for a couple bucks or as nice as the one pictured above for around $30.00. I kept it simple and went with a $10.00, two compartment, collapsible fabric bin with outside pockets. I’ve tried a clear storage container with a lid, but the lid drove me nuts. Plus, I like not being able to see all the stuff  inside. My friend Margie likes to see everything. It’s a matter of choice.  This is similar to the storage bin I use:  

Folding Organizer from Container Store


 Emergencies: Flash light. Battery Chargers, Can of Instant Flat,  

 Clean Car and Passengers: Wipes, Anti Bacterial Gel & Paper Towels  

 Snow Emergencies:  Blanket, Gloves, Hat, Hand/Foot Warmers, Rain Poncho, umbrella and 2 large garbage bags.   There’s also a bag of salt because of the current snowy/icy weather.

Tailgating: Many of the items above double for tailgating and during football season, I will add a couple of red  folding chairs. Go Bucks!!

Shopping:  Re-usable shopping bags for grocery shopping. I think we all need to do our part to help save this wonderful world we live in. Plus… they’re also pretty cute and fashionable. Additionally, it’s nice to have an insulated cooler bag for refrigerated items.  I don’t use my organizer/container to hold my groceries since they are in the reusable bags – it’s so nice that they fit in the trunk now that it’s clean.

IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN: I highly recommend having a set of warm clothes for each darling, not only in case of an emergency but for outdoor events that suddenly turn cold. I left my house for a soccer tournament onceI remember the time I left my house on a beautiful summer day for a soccer tournament. I was wearing a lightweight jacket and my daughter was in shorts.  By the time we arrived to the game, it was snowing. HELLOoooo Mr. Weather Man!  I used the blanket and She slipped on  a turtle neck, gloves, warm pants, and  I used the blanket. Mom didn’t seem so crazy on that day… did she Ashley? xoxox  

Is your trunk ready for your life?


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