Clear Pockets…Consider the Possibilities

I’ve never had a reason to buy an over the door clear shoe organizer, but today I don’t know how I ever lived without them! A few weeks back, while checking out at TJ Maxx, I noticed they used the clear pockets to store all those little color coded size rings that go on hangars along with multi sized security tags. It suddenly occurred to me that there were sooooo many amazing uses for this $11.00 bag.
Kids! I need you to move back in…mom has found a place to keep all your gloves so you can actually find them when you want to go out and play in the snow! I don’t think that’s happening, but I still have gloves, scarves, and ear muffs that need to be organized. I tried one last night. What do you think? 

Kids come home...I know where your gloves are!

Just think of the possibilities…
Craft Items
Belts and Scarves
Cleaning Items
Rolled t-shirts and tanks which can be forgotten in drawers.
Pet items…treats, outfits, leashes, etc…
garden tools
What would you put in yours?  xoxoxo
PS. Make sure your organizer is made of clear plastic. I made the mistake of  trying a “see through” mesh one that I felt was a bit nicer, but couldn’t see a darn thing inside which kind of defeated the purpose.

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