Clear Pockets: Consider the Possibilities II


Yesterday, I shared my unbridled excitement over the many uses for an over the door shoe organizer and today I wanted to share another fabulous discovery…same premise, but it’s with a hanging clear pocket shoe organizer. Who knew organizing would get me so excited over a ten-dollar plastic storage bag…but it does, it really does! Organization is instant gratification…how can you complain about that?   

The photo above shows what I  bought a few weeks ago at The Container Store for $9.99. It was originally intended to store my mittens, hats and gloves, but it wasn’t working for me. I knew it could be used for something though and sure enough…It works PERFECTLY for miscellaneous items I had kept there before or have relocated to that closet. It’s the closet I pass by as I walk to get to the garage and outside to my car. Yep, that’s what I said:  PAST ALL THE CRAP in my garage to the car outside because it won’t fit inside the three car garage because of all the CRAP! I also feel the need to add that there is a bass boat in the garage, because hey, that’s more important than me and my car – right? That’s a blog for another day…back the closet…Check out what I put in my organizer:  

Items we may need to grab when running out the door

Inside of mine you’ll find an umbrella, lint brush, rain poncho’s, hand and feet warmers etc; anything I might to need to grab when running out the door. I even keep my tailgating flags at the bottom. I just love it!   

 What would you put in yours?  

Amy xoxoxo   

Photo’s coming soon of  the closet as completed, I promise!


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