Newly Organized Hall Closet

Doesn't it look fabulous?

Below  is the mess that I met every time I went into the hall closet. It was so full of things we never used, that the doors were actually bulging out. Now that I’m in this organizing mode, I’m looking at the rest of my house wondering what I was thinking letting it get to this  point. My excuse would be that I was busy raising 3 very busy kids, starting a business and running a home, but the truth is if I had done this all along I would have less stress and more time. Here’s the before and after shots of the closet.   

Project: Organize the hall closet that we pass as we’re heading out the door.   

Before: pretty much a disaster


 Waaaaay to many coats and things that are never worn. Packed up 80% of the coats to give to someone who can use them.   

After: right side of the closet


I’m noticing a color trend… Not sure what I’m putting in the  94 cent plastic bins yet – I had the laminate shelves from years ago.     

After: left side of closet

This is my favorite area… I love that I can see everything and that everything has a place. I can’t wait till next weekend to start another project! xoxox


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