Preventing a Car Break-In


My daughter Ashley had a string of bad luck. A string of really not so nice things have happened to her in the last few months to no fault of her own. As a mom, I want to fix it. Mostly, all I can do is offer hugs and hope; to explaining that things will get better and in general… humanity is good. I do believe that.     

The last incident, a car break-in,  is probably preventable. She learned from a previous break-in not to leave the navigator in plain sight and removed it; storing it in the center console. In retrospect, leaving the holder on the window was not a good idea, but according to her insurance company, even hiding that most likely wouldn’t have prevented the theft. Apparently, just seeing see ring marks on the window will prompt a break-in. Ashley also had an empty (thank goodness) Coach purse hidden in the back seat which they wouldn’t have seen from outside, but once in, they grabbed it as well.     

 The best way to prevent your car from being broken into is by having nothing in the car to steal – right? If you are anything like me, that’s easier said than done. I’m usually carrying an oversized handbag, my Design Assistant with a computer inside and a coffee mug. Now you want me to grab my navigator and other items as well?     


The answer is yes, but here’s an easy solution that can not only prevent a break-in, but simplify your life as well. I did a post a while back about Putting your Baskets to Work.   There I talked about designating a basket to go from home-to the car-and back to home. I recommended that you  “store it near the door you’ll use out to your car and fill it with items that need to be returned for credit, a water bottle, snacks, a shopping list, etc.”  Those suggestions will make your life a little simpler, but let’s take it a step further. You should also use it to store your navigator, CD’s and anything else that is not permanently attached to your car.     

Tip: Make sure your basket is lightweight and easily carried with one hand.     

Below is a friend’s collapsible car basket fully loaded and ready to go…items are kept in zippered bags for easy access. Simply leave it near the door for the next trip…no need to empty unless there’s something you don’t need to carry anymore.     

She keeps on the road paperwork & coupons inside, Do you see the Design Assistant file inside?


 This car basket even has a storage cup hooked inside to hold small tools and gadgets she often needs when on the road.    

Stores pens, tools and more


Last of all…don’t forget to clean your windshield of those telling little circles…Store wipes in a door pocket – it’s quick and easy to do!     


You’ll quickly wonder how you ever survived without a portable car basket and though it may add an extra step to getting in and out of the car, it prevents a whole lot of aggravation in the long run. xoxox 

Additional Safety Notes:     

  • When out shopping, keep a towel or blanket to cover your basket in a nondescript manner.  It’s better to cover it up than to publicly transfer the basket to your trunk while in a parking lot – that’s a definite heads up that something valuable is inside.
  • A good thing to keep in a car basket is a can of wasp/hornet spray. It has a 23′ stream and is better than pepper spray.
  • Never be a good Samaritan in a parking lot. If someone approaches you, get back in your car, tell them to stop and announce loudly that you are calling for help. Lock the doors and drive away.

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