The Cupcake Experiment

Mini Chocolate Buttercream Cupcakes


 For some time now I’ve been wanting to learn how to make pretty, fun and yummy cupcakes. One of my friends on twitter has the most beautiful cupcakes and even offers cupcake classes, but alas she is across the sea in england and I don’t have plans to be there anytime soon. Click to see Bea’s of Bloomsbery’s creations…aren’t they beautiful?  Since cupcake classes were out, I figured what the heck…just dive in and try it…so I did.   

 Last night my daughter Ashley decided to come for a sleep over and to try our hand at cupcakes and it was so much fun! I think the secret is in the buttercream icing (which I slightly messed up) and the decorative elements. Perfect they are not, but I think they’re pretty cute and taste absolutely yummy!     

 Next time I’ll try a batter from scratch and will remember to set the butter out in advance. This recipe call for butter at room temperature and instead of softening in the microwave, I accidently melted it…oooops! The icing was a bit runny as a result! This was the first time to use a decorating bag for the icing and it really was quite easy. I can’t wait till next time when my icing is the proper consistency.     

 Tip: Homegoods, my favorite place to shop, has a great and inexpensive selection of sprinkles, jimmies and drops.     

 Here’s some photo’s with my newbie insights 🙂     

Ready to Ice


 I had read that you should tap the pan before putting in the oven to get out any bubbles. We filled ours about 2/3 full – which seemed about right.     

Chocolate with Buttercream Icing


  Next time we make chocolate cupcakes, we’ll either use two paper wrappings or a metallic wrap…as you can see above (or not see); the cute design doesn’t show with a dark cake.     

White Dots


These pearly white dots came in a Princess multi-pack of sprinkles and were one of our favorites    


The Mini's were the Prettiest


We experimented with a variety of colors and sizes. One word of advice is to taste your sprinkles before you decorate. A few of our sugar sprinkles were a bit bitter and I wouldn’t use them again. Also, maybe it’s the designer in me, but you can’t go wrong when you color coordinate. The mini’s above are our favorite, not only because they are just darn tiny, but because we made sure they all matched. Remember…even in cupcakes…you need to plan your color scheme!    

This would be a great family activity on a cold winter night. Pre-bake the cupcakes and pre-ice as well,  if your kids are really young. Set up stations like an ice cream bar for decorating and let children decorate without inhibitions…this is all about developing creativity and confidence and none of it is about perfection. Giving kids the freedom to learn and explore with accolades instead of criticism is one the best gifts you can give your children and also makes it a bit more fun for everyone! I still have to remind myself of that sometimes! xoxox


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