Pssst…look what I got! The Good Karma Swap

How fun is this?

At the beginning of the year I set a goal to blog more often and get to know some of my fellow bloggers. I also started twittering diligently a few weeks back, which is when I saw a tweet by Kaileen of saying there was only a few hours left to sign up for her Good Karma Gift Swap.  Moments later I posted a comment saying sign me up and I was in, along with 29 other Good Karma Swap bloggers.  The assignment was to send a secret blogger a treat that calms, something that comforts, a bit of celebration and a piece the promotes creativity. I’m so excited about this I’m a big fan of sending good Karma and talked about it in a post a few years ago when I wrote about Pay it Forward.      

A few days after signing up, I filled out a short questionnaire about things I liked and didn’t like and sent back to Kaileen to anxiously wait for a secret name to send my gifts to. I’ll blog about her when I know she’s received my gifts, but in the meantime, I want to share you what I received from the blogger that got my name!      

This past Friday I went to the mailbox and was sooooo excited to find a package. Could it be the Good Karma Gift? It was!       

A package from Megan (Yay!)

 Megan Loftin of Megan-Moir had sent me a package, but I was in the middle of a deadline and saved it to open until I got home…it was killing me not to open it immediately, but I wanted to enjoy it!    

I should add at this point that another New Year Resolution  is to “have a place for everything and everything in its place”, so I’ll also share with you exactly what I’m going to do with all my new goodies!     


Look at the goodies!

 As I opened the package, the first thing I saw was a burst of color…      


Tea with a bit of cream and sweetener -mmmmmm

 It’s tea! Who doesn’t  love a good cup of tea? This could be a new favorite…spicy but light…I’m going to have to find out where Megan got  this…it’s that good!    


This will not last long!

 This is a no brainer…It’s going straight into my favorite mug!    


Beautiful Stationary

 Look at this beautiful stationary! I can’t wait to write my first note. After my son Tyler suffered a head injury this summer, I received beautiful notes from friends that I will forever treasure and I promised myself to make a point of writing notes this year. Tyler is doing better every day, by the way!      


A new home for the note cards

 The note cards are on a desk that has a special place in my heart. My father-in-law, a few months before he passed away, asked if I wanted a small desk that wasn’t fancy, but had been his mother’s – of course I said yes, Though I have a few random items placed in it now, I’m getting ready to give it a fresh new look and when finished, I’ll  properly accessorize it. Of course, you’ll be the first to see photo’s when it’s done.      


Isn't this journal beautiful?

  I soooooo love this journal…I’ll use it more as an idea book and because a girl never knows when she’s going to get a fabulous bright new idea to jot down, this is where you’ll find my new journal…      


Perfect in the outside pocket

  Yep! I’ll carry it with me at all times and store in an outside pocket of my handbag.  

A Happy Book!

 It’s no secret…my friends all know that I’m a glass is half full kind of gal and I can’t wait to read this book… 

I wish this for you too...

 And isn’t this the most lovely note? awwww Megan… I wish you that too! I’ll tell you where this book is going after I show you the next gift…  

I love words...

 I wrote in my questionnaire that I love words. Quotes inspire me…and this word she sent is something I want need to see everyday, because I, like probably most of you, get so caught up in getting things done, that I forget to stop to enjoy the beauty of now.       


On the road...

This is where you’ll find my happy book and  enjoy…I carry this bag everyday to the office and sometime this week. It’ll be travelling with me to Florida on business.  Enjoy is a daily reminder to stop and breath… The happy book is perfect to read on the plane!        

Hugs to Megan for the beautiful and thoughtful gifts as well as Kailene for putting this all together. And while I’m at it hugs to you too… It’s been so much fun! xoxox        


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