Add Glam to a Chandelier


Where does the time go? I know I haven’t posted much in the last week, but I am busy as a bee in Florida on business and have been gathering lots of inspirational ideas to share with you-Yay! I’ll be posting ideas all next week, but here’s a sneak preview… I can’t wait to show you all the cool things I found!  

Do you wish your chandelier was a bit more glamorous, but replacing it isn’t in the budget? Here’s a great way to add instant glam with a budget of $10-15.00. This inexpensive idea will take you 5-10 minutes from beginning to end.  

All you’ll need is a garland of shimmering beads or berries! Most craft stores offer packaged garland – I purchased the beads below from the bridal section of Michael’s Craft Store for less than $10.00 each.  


The garland below is strung with silver wire that extends to 6 feet long  which is  the perfect length to wrap around almost any  chandelier. The beads are strung with wire and available in assorted finishes including silver, bronze and white. The key is to select a wire that is closest in color to the finish of your chandelier so the wire “disappears” when draped.   


Simply remove the garland from the package, loop in and out around the arms of your chandelier and fluff, fluff, fluff. Fluffing consists of simply separating the beads so the garland becomes three-dimensional. Once done fluffing, sit back and enjoy! I promise you’ll be coming back to peek at it constantly. The beads are gorgeous as sunlight reflects off of them throughout the day and equally so at night as they splash your walls; reflecting the light of the chandelier. Below are a few photos of chandeliers with added Garland…   

This Chandelier already had some crystals, but a single strand of garland added big time glam. It hangs over a kitchen sink - how cool is that?


Grape-like beads are beautiful with this chandelier and tin ceiling. It's hung above a square bistro table that seats 8.


Close up of Garland


Shimmering berries and leaves add interest and a bit of shimmer to an entryway


The wrapped wire blends with the finish of the chandelier


 Add some glam to your chandelier and let us know how it turns out! xoxox Amy


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