A New Seating Area

There’s an empty, as in unfurnished, room attached to our living room that has been driving me crazy. I’ve always envisioned a seating area in the center of the room for conversation, cocktails and games. When you are a designer by trade – you know exactly what your house COULD look like, but sometimes silly little things like children’s college expenses continue to get in the way, and while they are still “in the way”, last week I found a great set of chairs at Homegoods that begged me to take them home. How could I say no?

Above is a sneak preview of the chairs I found for $129.99 ea. Last night I tracked down two more at another Homegoods a bit further away – I’ll pick those up tonight. I’m on the hunt now for an inexpensive low round table and my new seating area will be good to go. 

In December I hung draperies in both rooms, which made a HUGE difference, but the room was still void of furniture.  I can’t wait to show you the final look and will dig up a before photo of the room from the previous owner and post all as soon as I get everything in place and have a chance to mop – haha! The dogs have been wet and muddy all week. Dolce, who just turned one year old, is back to digging to China again now that it’s getting warmer outside – arghhh.  Pssst…did I tell you how excited I am about my seating area? xoxox Amy


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