Organizing One Drawer at a Time…

Budget: Used $8.00 worth of these plastic bins from Wal-Mart


This week, I’ve been applying my 2010 organizational goals to the office as well as my home. My excuse for the office clutter has been…”I’m soooooo busy and besides…creative minds work better in clutter!”…Yep…pretty lame. The truth here is this…yes, while in the middle of a project, clutter is okay, but the reality is it’s impossible to start a new project with a messy space. Organizing your space not only feels good – but really does save time and money which I discovered when tackling this one drawer.  

My goal at the office is to take a break each day and organize one space such as a shelf or drawer. Sometimes I get carried away and do a few, but one small area a day is realistic. It doesn’t take much time, but it feels sooooooo good to have just one more thing organized every day.  

Today, I am tackling the drawer that I get into most often. I have this amazing island at the office with tons of drawers and a huge work space that we use to create new products just for you…the drawer I’m tackling is pretty big – 29″ x 39″ – how lucky am I to have that drawer?  

The problem is it currently looks like this…  

Consider yourself my friend...I wouldn't admit this drawer to just anybody!


Required tools…  

Don't be a pack rat...pitch it or give it away if you don't use it


These bins come in packs of 2 or 3 for a buck a set. I used 8 sets for a total of $8.00.


So how long do you think it will take? I’m hoping for ten minutes, but I will say fifteen…back in a flash… it’s 12.22 pm…
Okay…so it took 25 minutes…but it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT!
Remember me saying you would save time and money? I looked all over the other day for hanging file clear tabs and couldn’t find them. I actually have had them on my list of things to purchase at Office Max, but not anymore….

I must have spent 10 minutes the other day searching for these to no avail!


I also had a glue stick on my list of things-to-buy because the one on my desk was dried up…  

Found this in the drawer - moist and ready to use!


But the best part about the whole thing is my drawer now looks like this….  

Is this not the most beautiful office supply drawer you've ever seen? I think so!


Totally worth the 25 minutes it took don’t you think? xoxoxo Amy  

One thought on “Organizing One Drawer at a Time…

  1. Amy,
    Your office drawer looks AMAZING!! Great job! And I love that it only took you 25 minutes. People always seem to over estimate the amount of time it takes to get organized…and then procrastinate and put off the projects “until later”.

    Keep it up!

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