UPDATE: Dehydrating Tomatoes and Onions

Simply Delicious. YUM!

You may remember that last week I blogged about dehydrating tomatoes and onions while working at the office. I promised you an update when finished. My friend Lisa over at PickMeYard suggested I add some olive oil and seasoning to my tomatoes and I decided to do the same to some onions…boy, am I glad I did!  

Once I got over my initial shock of how small everything had gotten, after 12 hours I took the now dried onions and tomatoes off the trays and sampled one…or two…or three. Oh my….while the tomatoes are soooooo good, the onions are double delicious. I would eat both of these by the handful as a healthy yummy snack and can’t wait to sprinkle them on a salad. I’m thinking they would be fabulous if crushed and used as a breading of sorts for chicken or fish. Oh… the possibilities that are swirling through my head….mmmmm  

The bottom line on the dehydrator is I can’t wait to try it more. I will always make two or three times more because of shrinkage and can’t wait to experiment. My husband’s favorite is the apples. Mine is the onions and tomatoes…which I should add is not really a normal favorite of mine. Let me know if you try it or if you have a favorite already! xoxoxo Amy


One thought on “UPDATE: Dehydrating Tomatoes and Onions

  1. After I posted this, I crushed some seasoned croutons along with a handful of the dried tomatoe and onions. I brushed chicken with olive oil and then pressed the crushed topping into the top of the chicken. My husband LOVED it…I have to say it was quite tasty! xoxox Amy

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