Embracing the Creative You

Discover the creative side of you. Photo by Steven Coen over at Flicker and on Getty's

Stop! Don’t tell me there isn’t a creative bone in your body, there is. All of us are creative. Yes, some people are naturally good at painting. Others seem to have a knack for writing or photography. There are those that can put anything together and make it look good and others who continue to amaze you by the beautiful things they create.

They are exceptional, but so are you. What “non” creative people don’t realize is that “creative” people nurture their inner creative self everyday. They wake up every morning and know to look for the unexpected. They actively look for beauty in unusual places and explore unknown avenues in search of inspiration.  

Beware: There will always be someone in your life that will try to stomp on your creativity. It may have been an art teacher like mine in 9th grade who said I wasn’t good enough to advance on to the upper art classes or a “friend” who laughed at something you created. I say that’s a bunch of BS! Don’t let someone else define you. You can do whatever you set your mind to. The truth is we all have a creative side, but sometimes in order to find it we need to embrace it and give it permission to grow.  

Here’s how…  

Explore  the Internet.  I am continually inspired by things that people dream up at sites like 100 layer cake or Apartment Therapy. Rather than watch TV in the evening, you can often find me exploring new sites, in particular blogs. There are so many interesting people out there blogging about everything from being a mom to remodeling their kitchen. Twitter is a great way to finding new people with like interests as well. Bookmark your favorites or better yet subscribe to it so you’ll get future updates. The internet is an endless source of great ideas.  

Over at 100 layer cake you'll find great inspiration boards and layers of inspiration!

Keep an Idea Journal. Keep a small journal with you at all times to write ideas that pop into your head at the craziest times. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll look back on it.  

I keep this journal in my purse to jot down ideas I get throughout the day!

Snap a Photo. Carry a camera and make a point of taking a photo of things that catch your eye. A photo is a great way to remember a detail or item that you want to reference in the future. Plus, you’ll find photography is just plain fun!  

I snapped this shot at Butterfly World to remind to blog about unique ways to display a basket of flowers....look for that post this spring!

Join a Class or Organization. You’ll find that there are lots of classes and workshops both on-line and in your community meant to inspire your creative self. Not only are these classes a great way to jump-start the creative you, they are lots of fun! This topic was actually inspired by a twitter I saw last night by mammaloves who joined The Artistic Mothers Art Group. It reminded me of the time that I took an Artist’s Way workshop several years ago…it changed my life for the better by renewing my creative juices that had become stagnant as an overwhelmed mother of 3. One creative online class that intrigues me is the unravelling class by Susanne Conway over at Ink on my Fingers. One of these days I going to sign up for her class.  

I think Susanne's unravelling class will be pretty special... I can't wait to sign up for the next class!

Make a Creativity Date. Make a point 2-4 times a month to get out of the house to do or go somewhere new. It could be going to an estate sale, a local art fair or even the ballet…the goal is to do something that is fun and ultimately inspiring. You can do it by yourself or with a friend…but take time to do this just for YOU. You deserve it.  

Whatever you decide to do, remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to creative ideas…take time to nourish the creative side of you and I guarantee you’ll be amazed! xoxoxo Amy  



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