Finding Inspiration at Butterfly World


Butterflies were abound at Butterfly World! Check out those


Recently, I spent an afternoon at Butterfly World in Florida and had such a great time. Not only did I learn lots of new things about plants, butterflies and birds, but I gathered a ton of inspiration along the way. What made the day even more special was I got to explore it with Loring and Grayson – it’s always a treat to see things through a child’s eyes!     

Here’s some photo’s of the day…enjoy!     

Loring (on the right) met a new friend who was kind enough to share a Butterfly that had landed on her.


Of course, Loring made sure to be a good sister and shared with her big brother Grayson as well.


Wouldn't the colors of the Chrysalis (butterfly sac) be a great source of inspiration for a color board? I'd love to spend time in a room adorned with these shades of blue and green.


Speaking of you think this bird is a Bengal's fan all dressed up in orange and gold? Speaking of which...what about that Chad Ochocinco in Dancing with the Stars?


Grayson made a couple of friends along the way...


Here's a pretty colorful fellow don't you think?


This reminds me how much I like statues tucked in special places throughout a garden. Did you know this one is of Loring?


Really, everybody...PAY ATTENTION...Loring explained that this is her. She loves this statue...of course who wouldn't love this statue... it's Loring...duh!


When's the last time you got this close to a hummingbird?


I loved the hanging baskets from various trees and think I'll try this at my house!


Another great idea is to grow a plant within a cluster of landscape rocks...isn't this cool?


Here's my favorite bean...I'd like a skinny vanilla latte please!


Did you know this is how a pineapple grows? Don't laugh... I didn't.


This is a Passion Flower, isn't it lovely?


I'd like this Pink Powder Puff flower and the purple one above enlarged and framed in a guest bedroom...wouldn't they be fabulous?


Besides the pictures of the kids, this is my favorite photo from the day. I used a secret technique to get the effect. AKA: I have no idea how I got it to look that way, but I do love it! haha


Lucky us...our fun-filled day ended in Palm Beach. Unfortunately, it was getting dark and my photo's of amazing manicured hedges and spectacular architectural details didn't turn out. Hmmmm....looks like I'm going to have to go back...maybe we'll have dinner at Taboo this time :).


I soooo enjoyed this day. Where will you find inspiration today?  xoxoxo Amy     

2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration at Butterfly World

  1. Awesome pictures!! The colors are so vibrant. Don’t worry, I’m not laughing about the pineapple. I have a feeling you’re on your way to being a great gardener. This is how it starts.

  2. Amy, what beautiful colors and things to share. Nature is amazing! Reminds me of our trip to the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, GA! What a treat.. Looks like you all had lots of fun, too. Wonderful!!

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