Adding a Feminine Touch to a Contemporary Bedroom

I's not a bedroom, but this photo from Houzz is a perfect example of adding a feminine touch to a contemporary styled room. Pink is traditionally a girly girl color and the chandelier is so glam - seriously...what gal wouldn't want to surround herself with a bit of sparkle along with tones of pink, creme and gray?


Over the weekend a reader asked the question…”How do I find a style that I am okay with now that my husband passed away? Can I make my bedroom more feminine while leaving a bit of my late husbands touch – he was into contemporary? First off…I am so sorry for you loss, it must be very difficult and I’m glad you are diving into a decorating project 🙂    

To answer your question, I say absolutely! I am not a fan of strictly following a particular style – how boring would that be?  Keeping your husband’s contemporary style, yet adding a few feminine touches of your own is a great idea. My bet is it will become a room you really love to spend time in. Here are some simple guidelines and tips for planning your room.   


  1. Settle in with a cup of tea and explore some design magazines and visit online sites such as Houzz, Elle Decor or Better Homes and Gardens. Clip or print photo’s of things that you catch your eye.
  2. Take inventory of your bedroom and identify any contemporary items that you wish to use in your bedroom.
  3. Select a photo or two the from ones you found in step one to use as an inspiration picture for your project. Take some time to identify what you like about each photo. Is it a pattern, paint color, texture, the accessories, etc…?
  4. Choose a color scheme of 2 or 3 colors that work well with the pieces you have chosen to keep and that reflect your inspiration photo. Tip: Using colors that are traditionally feminine such as pink or lavender will definitely get you going in the right direction.
  5. Use your colors to tie everything together, making sure to equally distribute the contemporary and any non-contemporary pieces throughout the room.
  6. Combine a contemporary item with a softer more feminine accessory!
  7. Experiment a bit and stay true to what feels good…usually your first gut reaction is right. There are no right or wrong decorating rules – just rules of thumb…it’s all about not being afraid to experiment and keeping it fun. If it feels good to you… it’s right!

Here’s a few photo’s I found over at Houzz with some thoughts to get you started… Good luck!    

Top a sleek contemporary table with beloved worn books and an antique teacup and saucer for a welcoming cozy touch


A bouquet of flowers and a delicate throw at the end of the bed is an easy way to add a feminine touch to your bedroom


Pardon me while I get distracted...would you EVER leave this room?


Want to keep it all contemporary? Adding abstract art with heart-shaped lips or lineal flowers is a great way to add a female touch


Select textures with a decidedly feminine feel such as satin or lace to soften the hard lines of a contemporary room


Good luck with your room and let us know how it turns out 🙂 xoxoxox Amy


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