Quote of the Week: It’s all about the Details

You may love this Living Room (courtesy of BHG), but do you know why? Take a better look. Is it the trim on the sheers, the oversized matting in the artwork or maybe the crown molding painted the color of the walls?



Expand your vision. Often we have blinders on. We’re concerned with just getting uptown or downtown. If I expand my vision by even 10 degrees, I notice new details, new color harmonies.  ~ Cindy Coleman, Interior Design    

Any designer will tell you it’s all about the details. Yes, a good foundation is important, but it’s the details that makes a good design memorable. The problem is that in our busy world… most people don’t take the time to enjoy the details.    

I have to admit that until I took an aesthetics class at FIT as part of the Interior Design program, I really didn’t see the details either. Trained to look at everything  around us, we discussed why we liked or disliked something. Was it out of proportion? Did the colors not work well together? Was it in perfect balance with the room? This class opened up a whole new world for me. It’s about seeing beyond your normal line of vision and truly seeing the details surrounding you.   

Today, I look at everything. When in a space I love I look around to discover why…is it the painted ceilings? The color scheme? The art? By examining my surroundings, I not only learn about things that work well together, but I see inspiration for future projects.   

Likewise, when in a space I don’t like, I search for details that make me uncomfortable… is the scale of the furniture inappropriate for the room? Do the colors leave me cold? Is there too much “stuff”  in the space? This helps me identify things to avoid in future projects.    

Not only is this fun, but I love that I am seeing so much more of my surroundings. Try it. Look around you… have you really looked at the baseboard, the ceiling, the window treatments (or lack of!), the flow of the room, etc… You might just be amazed to see what you are missing!   

The thing to remember is there really is not a right or wrong… as you can see when visiting  Joy and Janet over at Moggit (love those gals!)… there are always lots of varying opinions about whether something is beautiful or useful! It’s truly is about taking the time to really “see”.  Amy xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: It’s all about the Details

  1. Oh I wish we lived closer so you could come decorate my entire house. I tend to notice some details because of my photography, but I can’t seem to make them work for a decor in my house.

    I do love that room above and it was because of those curtains and the small pops of pink. Though I’m not sure if I could get away with such girly colors in my male-dominated house.

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