Stop! Don’t put it away…Display It!

This fur is far too pretty to tuck away till next time...doesn't it add to the beauty of the room?


Come on… admit it, like me you probably have a beautiful mink or fox coat tucked away somewhere from Aunt Jinny or Grandma Edith and chances are, you probably won’t wear it because either it’s just not “you” or you’re saving it for the special occasion that comes every couple of years.  Either way, it has a story, is beautiful and deserves to be displayed like the one from the home of Jennifer Lopez.      

Rather than tuck a beautiful or memorable item away on a shelf  into nowhere land where, most likely, it will be forever forgottenwhy not put in on  display? Beautiful things make us happy and much like a treasured collection, personal belongings we loved enough to collect or receive should be displayed . Often the display doubles as a convenient way to keep something at your fingertips. Here’s a few ways to show off items that you love to see…      


Turn a vase or paper towel holder into a display for your favorite hat!


Not only is this hat fun to display, but it makes for great conversation with guests - it's from Charlie Daniels!


Display a favorite book on a chaise or pouf


By the way, isn't this round pouf amazing?


Display a beloved set of baby booties and a favorite outfit. It's perfect as a conversation piece and warm reminder of loved ones! Better yet, add a photo of the baby in the outfit displayed!


I have fallen in love with old aprons, although I'm a bit dismayed by their very small waists... isn't this a great way to display them? How fun!


 So before you put that something special away… consider the possibility of a way to visibly store it… as my friend Margie says, she can hear it saying: “hey, hey …you…look at me…you don’t seem to want me anymore…look at me when I talk to you…one time, long ago… you loved me… no , no don’t go away… nooooo, it’s daaaark in here…”  xoxoxo Amy      


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