The One thing you Need to do Some Serious Organizing


All you need for a productive weekend around your house


As you know, I’ve been slowly organizing my house from top to bottom, but received a  “little” kick start to get more done with an unexpected guest arriving in two weeks. My original goal has been to clean out and organize my home one room at a time, but I have found that in order to do one room, I need to have a master plan. I need to know where things are ultimately going to be stored so that I am not creating more choas. It’s definitely a work in progress and the master plan adjusts weekly; but because I am tackling so many rooms at one time I decided to start over the weekend with a big purge and realized the only tool you need to do this is gargage bags. Lots and lots and LOTS of garbage bags. 

Well, garbage bags and the will to separate with lots and lots of crap. As far as the garbage bags go, I was in luck. I had just bought a 70 count box of Glad Bags at Sam’s Club for $12.98. 

TIP ONE: Do NOT get cheap bags. A cheap bag will tear at the seams, hold half the items and basically cause you more aggravation. These were perfect.  

It's worth spending a few pennies more for a bag that won't tear. At less than 19 cents a bag, it's totally worth it.



 I have to tell you…at this point in the game, having the will to get rid of things was not a problem. Doesn’t fit me? Gone. Haven’t used in two years? Gone. Out-of-date and husband hasn’t worn in 10 years….Goooooooooooooonnn????? Okay, well it wasn’t a problem for ME. Others…well this brings me to… 

TIP TWO: It seriously helps to have all other people who live in your home GONE for the day to be productive. Fortunately my pack-rat of a man was the designated 1-800 junk guy, so I could sneak a few things into a few several black bags while he was making a trip to Goodwill. Seriously…if he hasn’t missed it in ten years, he’s not going to miss it now – right? We can only hope! 

After two days of tackling the garage, the lower level, a store-room, three bedrooms and a walk-in closet, we he made 8 trips to Goodwill with a full pick-up load of black bags and misc. stuff each time. Additionally, we filled up 5 xl garbage cans to put out for the garbage this week. Are each of the rooms done? Nope, but they are much less cluttered, have space for items to store there in the future according to my Master Plan and are sooo much closer to being in organized bliss. I have to tell you, it was better than a double hot fudge sundae with whipped creme and a cherry on top…it felt that good.  Stay tuned…there’s lots more to come in the next 10 days! Amy xoxox


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