Dining Room Update…

The Dining Room Project included new paint, wall covering, draperies and re-upholstered chairs. Beanies checking it out!

I can’t believe I am STILL working on my Dining Room. Are you kidding me?  I just looked back at earlier posts and I started this project back in 2008 for my daughter’s graduation party. It is 90% done and I really need to take the time to find a chandelier…one that I both LOVE and Can afford. Somehow, I am always attracted to the expensive ones, haha! The perfect chandelier is the one that my friend Margie has, one I might add that is not in my budget, but it is my inspiration.  I am promising myself that once I complete this two-week purging of my house, I will focus on finishing this decorating project. 

I have added/changed a few quick things though in the past few months and thought I would share. The draperies are ready-made lined silk drapes from Z-Gallerie and I originally hung them by slipping the pocket sleeve over the rod. The Rod was hung at a height that was “a given: because of the crown moulding, but when the draperies were hung, they were driving me absolutely nuts. It my book, short draperies are like high water pants…they are that bad. See if you don’t agree… 

Here's a photo taken of the drapes right after they were hung. It's a bit hard to tell in this photo. Note that the chairs hadn't been re-upholstered yet


See in the background from this shot how short they are? Horrible.


I had a quick solution in mind though… 

I found these beautifully detailed clips at Bed, Bath and Beyond - on clearance! Gotta love that.


I attached slid the clips on the rod, attached the draperies and placed the rod back up - it took maybe 10 minutes in all and cost less than $15.00


Doesn't it look better? I love the puddled look and have carried it out into my living room as well. You'll see that in the next few days.


One other thing that I really needed to add was two more chairs. I had seating for when the extra leaf wasn’t in the table, but the reality is the leaf is always used. Consequently, I needed a couple of extra chairs. Our folding card table chairs definitely weren’t working for me. 

I was perusing Home Goods a few weeks ago and saw the perfect chair for my dining room. It was fully upholstered in a gold fabric that matched perfectly to my dining room colors. They had me at hello. I didn’t even need a paint chip to know they matched.  They were $199.00 each. Not a steal, but perfect. 

The new chair on the left is a perfect complement to the chairs I already had


The fabric was the perfect shade of gold and the details added a nice touch


TIP: I find that when adding chairs to an existing set, unless you find an exact match, rather than adding a “close” match, it’s better to add chairs that complement. For example, my grandmother’s chairs are delicate with a multi-toned patterned seat, an open back and cherry finish. The chairs I bought are not delicate –  but they are not heavy either. The finish blends well with cherry, the upholstered back is a nice contrast to the open back and the solid textured gold fabric is a great compliment to the chairs I re-upholstered. I bought two and placed one at the each end of the table. I know I owe you a full shot, but I just can’t do that until it’s all done. I will hurry 🙂 

It’s getting there, don’t you think? Give me a month or two and I should have it finished…we can only hope anyway! xoxox Amy

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